Sunday, 23 December 2007


I’m finding it’s getting increasingly hard to find stocking fillers and, in my house, a stocking filler is a gift around £1 or £2! Okay, we all know that the pound shops have some bargains and I try to buy brand name goods and as my stockings are all for boys (my sons aged 24, 22 and 19 years!!!!) I often buy a very acceptable brand name eau de toilette for men at £1 (and it doesn’t smell like toilet cleaner!). I even managed to buy cans of WD40 this year and at £1 each that has to be a bargain – always useful just look here for 2000 uses!

But if you’ve exhausted the pound shops, start thinking about BOGOFs (buy one, get one free) in the supermarkets. But you may have to start long before Christmas! You can often find hair gel, shower gel, deodorants, chocolate, socks – sorry, I mainly buy for men as you can tell! You can also buy a lottery scratch card as a gift – may not cost much, but just may be the one that wins a lot!

If you start in early November you can also pick up some great bargains in the charity shops. I recently saw a mug, decorated with snowflakes and with a small snowman soft toy inside – still in original packaging for just £1 – pity no-one I know needs any more mugs! But I did pick up this little Christmas tree (pictured right) – which is actually a pair of men’s socks – from Marks and Sparks, no less, for 50p and the accompanying Santa monkey for 80p – who works out the pricing in these stores????

There often pretty candle sets and incense sticks and holders to be had, but I wouldn’t buy sets of smellies (and there are often a lot of them available) as you don’t know if any has been used out of them or how old they are! If you know someone who likes ornaments then there are plenty in the charity shops, but be choosy and check for chips and cracks. Pretty glass dishes can be filled with sweets on a paper doily and bagged up in cellophane and mugs (again!) can be filled with chocolate, sweets, pens, novelty rubbers, socks, lip gloss or travel size shower gels and body lotions.

Happy hunting!

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