Friday, 14 December 2007


Make some money by spending some money! For this you need to be very strong willed as it involves using a credit card - rather a lot of times! If you get yourself a cashback credit card or one like mine that gives high street vouchers for points (I save mine all year to use in Waitrose to buy Christmas food and presents in December) you can have a ready made fund at a very expensive time of year. Using a credit card like this needs discipline – but if you use it to buy everyday things that you have to have anyway, e.g. petrol and weekly groceries, for every week of the year and pay it off each month when the statement comes, (and that’s the hard bit) you have, in effect got money for nothing. But don’t be tempted to think of cashback cards as a “discount” and then buy more stuff than you really need – that’s what the credit card companies want you to do - no-one wants to start the New Year in a huge amount of debt – or still be paying off this year’s credit card debt next Christmas.

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