Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Okay, the turkey's all gone, you may be nursing a New Year hangover, but start to think about how much better your finances are going to be in 2010! Here are 4 tips to start saving money now!
  • as you take down your decorations on 12th night, check for any damage or breakages. Don't put them away to deal with next year, if they cannot be used at all (i.e. broken up for small decorative arrangements) then throw them away, and start a shopping list! Go out (if you can possibly afford it) and replace the decorations with sale-price items from the shops now. By December you will be glad you did!
  • As you take your cards down to send to the recycling point, look through them and cut out labels for next year's presents. Store them with any Christmas bows you saved from your presents and any left over wrapping paper.
  • Check how many Christmas cards you have left - do a quick recount on how many you sent this year and work out how many you will need for next year. Go out now to the big stores and buy next year's cards - remember, you're looking for good quality cards priced at least 50% off!
  • Check how much wrapping paper and gift bags you have left - if you have enough for next year, okay, but if you know you will need more - buy it now while it's reduced!
Do all this now and save money on next Christmas.

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