Wednesday, 15 October 2008


If you've got guests coming for Christmas dinner and your glass collection amounts to a few old Nutella jars, some of those free greenish coke tumblers and a chipped beer mug - you'd better get moving! Now is the time get along to the charity shops and look for sets of stemmed wine glasses.
If you can get some that are "cut" in decorative patterns, so much the better as candles or fairy lights set them
twinkling beautifully. Plain glass can look worn or scratched, so try to get some kind of patterned glasses.
Check the glasses thoroughly by close inspection and running your fingers all around the rims, base and stems - I've often found chips that way - even when I
have been wearing my specs!
If you can't get enough of one design for all of your dinner guests (go for at least 8-10 if you ever see that many as it allows for breakages) then try to get several sets of 4 in the same size and when you lay your table put the two different designs alternately around it. I keep small bows and tinsel trimmings from Christmas Crackers and they look very cute tied around the base of the wine glass stems.
I was very lucky last year and found several of these glasses pictured, in two different charity shops. They don't look as if they've ever been used (I have a feeling they were given away with petrol, years ago!).
Happy frugal Christmas!

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