Monday, 13 October 2008


I used to think that buying Christmas presents early and, possibly even wrapping them up, took all the fun out of Christmas, but now with the Credit Crunch looming over us, I don’t think I can afford any silly sentiments like that! The earlier I start planning and buying, the more money I save. If you are buying “gift” sets from anywhere, you will find that the cheaper items (under £5!!) will sell out quickly, making even the 3 for 2 deals expensive. So I’m starting now.

I’ve actually already started, albeit in a small way, by buying some reduced pressies in Superdrug – 2 men’s belts with bottle opener buckles, each belt in its own box (they’re probably left over from last Christmas!) and costing £1.99! I never know what to buy the men in the family, so this is a start!

I’m also starting to look out for small stocking presents for my sons – these are usually 2 for 1 offers on deodorant, shower gel, chocolate oranges, and other sweets. I also buy packs of socks and boxers and split them up (and yes, they are always pleased with them as they hate spending their money on underwear!). I also start looking for small fun things in charity shops - look amongst the bric-a-brac for small gifty bits that often cost under a pound. Have a look at two little things I found last year!

The first thing I always do as soon as (or before) I’ve bought the first present, is to make a list of everyone I have to buy for – I use a page in my diary or a piece of lined file paper folded and taped inside the back cover. Every single time I buy something, I write it on the list – if I don’t do this, I tend to forget what I’ve bought and stuffed under the bed or in the back of the wardrobe, and then buy another present for the same person – not at all frugal! I often put down the price I’ve paid for it too – just to see how much Christmas is really costing me!

Happy frugal bargain hunting!

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