Thursday, 13 November 2008


Whoops! I think I’ve gone knitty mad! I really, really want some wrist warmers, so I can drive and be warm – I’ve found so many, I don’t know which to knit (that’s if I ever get any time to actually do any knitting!) At the moment I’m like those people with flashy kitchens who get their cooking rocks off by watching Jamie on TV but never do any cooking! I just drool over knitting patterns and gorgeous yarns!

Anyway here they are, some free patterns for whatever you may call them – wristwarmers, gauntlets, fingerless gloves, armbands - whatever!

Get knitting!

Small wristwarmers with a tiny twisted cable.

Really long gauntlets with a large cable.

Longer, lacy rib wristwarmers

Short fluffy,leaf patterned hand/wrist warmers

Frilly, beaded wristwarmers

Slither- long, long, buttoned up arm warmers!

Leopard print wristwarmers!

Fairisle pattern wristwarmers- worked from a chart.

Wristwarmer pattern generator- enter your wrist size, gauge and needle size and generate your own pattern!

Easy, ribbed wristwarmers beginners’ project

Braid cable wristwarmers

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