Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Beer mug gift for the men

Buy a pint beer mug from the supermarket and fill with wrapped chocolates – something like Roses, Celebrations or Quality Street, then wrap in cellophane and trim with ribbon. For example, Argos are selling a pack of 4 Guinness glasses for £7.49 – useful if you need to make four gifts, then buy your sweets in bulk in a huge tin (they’re often on offer this time of the year as well) and you can save even more. Cellophane wrap can be expensive, so try to plan and use it for as many gifts as you can.

Gift in a mug – for anyone!

This can be a very personalised gift, or a sweetie gift. Buy a largish mug, suitable for your recipient and fill with wrapped chocolate truffles – if you can make chocolates, so much the better. Or you can go retro and fill the mug with old-fashioned sweets from an on-line shop such as www.aquarterof.co.uk.

If sweets are not appropriate, fill the mug with small gifts like lip balm, nail polish, eye shadows etc for ladies, tiny notepads, rubbers and pens for kids or travel size shower gels, shampoos etc for the men. It can be a bit of a challenge to find small enough stuff, but it can stick up out of the mug and still be wrapped in the cellophane.

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