Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Well, there are only a few "days of Christmas" left - so here's my round up of Christmas moneysaving:
  • as you take down your cards, put aside those that can be cut up into neat rectangles and hole-punched for next year's gift labels
  • as you pack away your decorations check any that are tatty or worn out - get round the shops quick to buy new ones reduced in the sales (but only if you can really afford it)
  • check out the sales for next year's gifts (again only if you are not in debt for this Christmas)
  • make a list of birthdays coming up and see if there are sale bargains to be had for gifts
  • buy crackers, paper Christmas cards etc while it's cheap - who knows how hard up we may be next Christmas? Today I've bought three 8metre rolls of Christmas wrapping paper for £1.94 and a box of 12 good crackers for £3.50- and a set of 3 photo albums in a slip cover (new and still shrink wrapped) from the charity shop, for 50p!
  • as you tidy up all your Christmas gifts - put aside those you know you will not use and either sell them on ebay, recycle them as gifts for next Christmas (but make a note of who gave them to you!) or send them to the charity shop.
Lastly, if this Christmas has been a financial nightmare, start thinking about next year - and save, save, save. Clear your debts as soon as possible, if you don't have one, start a savings account (ISA first) and put something (however small) into it every month.
Make this the year you achieve whatever it is that you want to - lose debt, lose weight, save for that bigger house, get the new job whatever it is - give it a go and, most important of all have a
Happy New Year! and keep up with more moneysaving, frugal ideas all year round at Happy Frugal Year.
See you all in Christmas 2009 (well, sometime in November anyway!)

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