Saturday, 24 October 2009


Yes, the horrible truth is that it is only a few weeks to Christmas and, as the TV pundits have just told as, many people only have 2 more pay days before then. Of course, quite a few unlucky people don't have any paydays at all, which somehow puts it all into perspective for me. I am already tired of the TV ads for expensive perfumes or even more expensive gifts from wherever and soon we'll be treated to adverts of tables full of party food, telling the lie that we will somehow be inadequate if we don't invite the neighbours in for drinks and piles of finger food!
Listen carefully to this advertising and you will soon realise that it tries to convince us that everyone else is buying their kids an X-box or whatever the latest "must-have" toy is this year. Well, I think many people won't have the cash to do it - and I hope those people don't use their credit card instead. I believe our children will grow up into better and more resourceful adults if they understand that there are things that their parents just cannot afford, that money has to be earned and that if you lose your job, or aren't very well paid, then some of these things just cannot be bought. But they can be saved for.
I'm reluctant to admit that cynical advertising, capitalising on Christmas, almost makes me want to cancel the whole thing! Actually I'll be starting my Christmas shopping soon and I'll be looking out for a bargain or two in the charity shops as well.However, I certainly won't be spending what I can't afford.
Happy Christmas Present Hunting!

Monday, 12 October 2009


These lovely Christmas gift patterns are certainly new to me - so I hope you like them. You can choose from Christmas throws and afghans, a lovely little dog's coat, a fairisle jumper, holly slippers, a Christmas stocking, a snowman family to crochet and crochet tree ornaments.
Get your free patterns HERE.
More Christmas gifts to make HERE!

Check out my growing collection of patterns for crochet and  knitted gifts!

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Yes, it's true, it can be done -I do it every year - buy stocking filler presents from Poundland! There's a sort of an art to buying from Poundland if you don't want to be buying complete tat and these are my tips:
  • Go with a list - most important. Know what you've already bought for the "stockings" so that you don't overspend.
  • Do not go on a Saturday!
  • Try to buy only branded goods if possible, particularly if it's smellies, cosmetics, sweets, etc., Obviously for stationery and "fun" type novelties, it's not so important.
So, what is there to choose from? Well, here's a few of my suggestions:
Packs of novelty socks: The Simpsons
Trainer socks
After Eight chocolate Santas -mmm, yum!
Packs of boot socks, or thermal socks - probably not the best quality, but you never know!
Black leather trouser belt.
Packs of Kodak, Sony or Panasonic batteries.
4 Gang socket.
Windscreen scraper
, Mars, Toblerone or Bounty - all 4 for £1.
Sensitive for Men shower gel.
Festive Boxer shorts.
24 shot disposable camera with flash.
Mini remote.
4 port USB hub.
Packs of blank CDs and DVDs.
You will find, of course, that some of these items will sell out quickly, or will not be available at your local Poundland (or perhaps any other!) but it's a matter of persevering with regular forays!
Happy Frugal gift buying!