Wednesday, 18 November 2009


You know those chocolate selection packs that seem to be popular every Christmas? Well, have you ever really considered how much chocolate you are actually getting for your money? You get tiny packets of chocolate buttons, tiny fudge bars, tiny chocolate bar, in fact, tiny everything - and they're not cheap. Why not make your own this year? Think creatively - instead of a load of plastic packaging, put your chosen selection of chocolate bars inside a mug, glass, make-up bag or pencil case (depending on the recipient!). The size and shape of most chocolate bars is ideal for this and you can buy mugs, glasses, pencil cases and make-up bags in pound shops - or even charity shops! Depending on your budget, you can also pop in something else that is small (keyring, lipstick, batteries, biro, little fluffy toy - the list is endless).Then at least you are giving something useful and fun!
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Happy frugal present making!

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