Tuesday, 24 November 2009


It's lovely to have candles at Christmas (and it saves on electricity!) and little tea lights are so cheap. If you run out of holders it's easy to improvise with a pretty jam jar, scraps of ribbon, holly, ivy or cake decorations!
My small candle holder was put together from a French yoghurt jar (yes the French put their yoghurt in glass jars!) with some ribbon I saved from last year's Christmas cake, ivy I picked from a wall near my house and a decorative flower, also from a past Christmas cake.
The larger candle holder I made from a Bon Maman jam jar (I sense a French theme emerging here!) more ribbon, decoration and ivy all from the same source. It really didn't take me very long and I suspect that more elaborate decorations could be made given more time and materials, but these frugal ones work very well for me!

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