Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Well, my Christmas Chutney is made - what about yours? I have to say, I haven't made us much as I would have liked to this year, which may mean I don't give any as gifts! I was lucky enough to be given two carrier bags full of eating apples - I think they were Russets, and they made no difference to the chutney at all (except to the cost!).
I'm also ashamed to say, I've already eaten one jar and started a second - I suppose I should really make some more soon! Of course that's the beauty of chutney - it does taste great if you keep it. I once found a 12-month-old jar at the back of the pantry - it was great! It had a richer stronger flavour, but actually you can make it right up to Christmas Eve and then enjoy it all the year round with cold meat or cheese- mmmmm!
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