Thursday, 22 April 2010


I hope you all had a great Christmas and a frugal Happy New Year to you!

Those who like to comment on the economy tell us this coming year will be tough - there may be odd rises in house prices, the economy and employment, but they'll be "blips" unfortunately and the overiding opinion is that we are not out of recession yet - and not likely to be for a while.
All we can do is be frugal, pay down our debts, try to get together a crisis fund, budget well, do our price research on things we have to buy, make do and mend, grow our own fruit and veg, barter with our neighbours - and, most of all, laugh, love and be happy!

Happy Frugal Christmas will now take a break until the festive preparations start again - but don't forget you can carry on getting frugal tips and info at Happy Frugal Year!

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