Thursday, 18 November 2010


So, it's 37 days to Christmas - I know this only because Ebay, considerately, has it on it's home page in big red numbers and I see it every time I log in!
I'm not telling you anything you probably don't already know when I say that if you are in debt and can't afford Christmas presents, then don't put it all on the credit card, or a store card (actually never put anything on a store card - a savvy frugaller wouldn't even own one) they are expensive and a complete waste of your hard earned cash. Don't put it all on your overdraft either.
But-I hear you say, I have to buy all these presents and food - no you don't. Not if it means deeper debt and a miserable New Year - again! Too many of us greet each New Year with a mountain of growing debt - and debt does grow, like Topsy - even if you stop adding to it. Very few of us can pay it off quick enough to keep up with huge interest charges.
Start now - thinking of all those extended family and friends that you buy presents for and who (we assume) buy for you. Tell them not to buy for you this year - tell them you can't afford to buy for everyone, you are cutting back, you are saving for a house deposit, trying to clear your overdraft - tell them anything, but make it clear you just can't afford it!
If we all had to pay actual cash for our Christmas presents, food, clothes - then what a different world it would be! No keeping up with friends and neighbours or trying to outbuy relatives with bigger and better presents! No being tempted by huge displays in the shops, no being made to feel inadequate because we can't afford what the gift catalogues tell us are "stocking fillers" at anything from £15 upwards!
Anyway - do you really want to give (or receive) another gift pack of smellies that you won't or can't use? The people close to us usually know what we would
really like for Christmas - the others just go round the stores filling their baskets up with 3 for 2's that will probably all end up in the charity shop in January - well, I suppose it does someone a good turn!
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