Friday, 24 December 2010


At the depressing news that Marks and Spencer's sale starts on-line tonight and in-store on Boxing Day my heart sinks. Haven't we already spent enough? My inbox is flooded with "up to 50% off " sales notices - and you know what? I don't care. If I buy anything in the sales it may be a box of decent crackers for next Christmas - couldn't get any this year as stores were asking £8-£10 for rubbish or £15-£20 for slightly less rubbish.
At least this year I won't still be moving plastic keyrings, hippo shaped bottle openers and metal puzzles around the sideboard until April! Yep - it gets to Easter and, guess what? I throw them away or send them to the charity shop. Why do we bother with crackers? Because we're being brain-washed. Christmas is a retail and media construction, pressurising us into believing that it won't be a great Christmas unless we buy this or that and eat this or that.
As for the sales - well they can stick their sales - if it was ALL genuinely 50% off it may be worth looking at - but it's not. The tat that no-one would be silly enough to buy is 50% off - like that weird plastic belt, strange hat, ugly clutch bag or tiny rubbish chain necklace. Anything that you'd really want has a quid knocked off it if you're lucky.
Enjoy your Christmas Day, spend quality time with your family and watch rubbish TV - forget the sales - who cares? Save your money - in 2011 you're probably going to need it.
Happy Frugal Christmas!

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