Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I have been browsing around Christmas patterns on the 'net and came across this beautiful free pattern for a Snowman Christmas stocking to knit from Fave Crafts. This is a new pattern to me and I like it because it doesn't need double-pointed knitting needles or complicated heel turning! The shaping of the heel is all worked in decreases from the chart (I have a very old, similar pattern that, coincidentally I am just about to finish - again!) and I know just how well it will turn out.
The snowman is worked from a chart, with small details being added on after with Duplicate Stitch - I'm not familiar with that stitch, but from the chart, it looks like what I know as Swiss Darning (quite simple when you get into the rhythm), but Google it if you're not sure how to do it.
I also love the fact that, whilst not being knitted in all those red, white and green colours, it still manages to look "Christmassy"! But of course you can substitute any colours you have - a great stashbuster!
Make sure you click the the two links for the back and front of the charts and save or print them off.
Happy frugal knitting!

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