Sunday, 20 November 2011


Well it's Sunday, and, as it's always free to park in my nearest town on Sunday, I've gone and done some Christmas shopping, but I managed not to spend too much! I've used my loyalty cards and cash-back websites where I can and here's what I've achieved so far:
  • 11 bottles of wine for about £3 which will top up my very low Christmas drinks stock, using the Tesco Clubcard Double points exchange (I changed up £30 worth of vouchers and went over my £60 self-imposed limit a bit with my last bottle of wine!)
  • a gift for my niece, paid for with my Boots Advantage Card points
  • a Dorothy Perkins £10 voucher from a cashback website I use, that'll be another gift!
  • John Lewis vouchers from our credit card spending all year - not spent yet, but they will buy turkey, cake, pudding, mince pies, custard, tree chocolates and more in Waitrose.
  • 2 presents from Accessorise with a 25% discount from an emailed discount for instore and online (I had to show them the email on my phone!)
  • 2 lip glosses I've received from online giveaways - more gifts for the girls in the family!
So, I'm not doing too badly on the spending so far- and just for a bit of effort with the loyalty and credit cards on routine weekly shopping that I would be doing anyway!

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