Thursday, 1 December 2011


Today, I was browsing a website which was suggesting interesting Christmas gifts (i.e. not socks!!) and my eye was caught by a picture of a retro sweet hamper. On closer reading it seemed that the hamper, containing retro sweets like Sherbet dabs, Gobstoppers, Refresher Bars, Flying Saucers, Love hearts, Black Jacks, Foam Shrimps, Candy Necklaces, Candy Sticks and Gobstoppers, cost £22.99 plus £2.99 delivery. The hamper measures 20cm x 28cm x 12 cm which is quite cutesy and small - sort of handbag sized, but I can't see the weight of the sweets displayed anywhere. I'm sure you cold make your own for a lot less! The sweets can be bought loose online (just Google "retro sweets") or in large bags from the supermarket, so then you need a container.
Now, I know it can be difficult and expensive to buy wicker/straw hampers, but most recipients of this gift probably wouldn't know what to do with a hamper once the sweets were eaten and it may be thrown out or given away - how much more useful would it be to find a container that had a use afterwards - and was easier and cheaper to obtain? You may even be able to buy a seasonal gift box or bag to use.I'll leave the ideas to all of you good people - because it depends who you're buying it for! It could be a plant pot cover, a giant beer mug or tea cup and saucer, a bucket (with sponge!) for car cleaning - well, you get the idea!
Leave a comment if you come up with some ideas - I'd love to hear them! (and add them to this post).

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