Friday, 30 November 2012


Poundland has loads of gifts and they are, well - yes, you've guessed it, just £1 each!
Now, I know what you're thinking- Poundland? £1 for a present? But, amongst all the cheap perfume, aftershave, plastic rubbbish toys etc, there are some gems to be had.
Look for brand names in toiletries and chocolate, anonymous items like sparkly scarves, shopping bags, DVDs or think about fun decorative things that will fit into a mug or a make-up bag, a plant pot or any other container that seems relevant! 
I can see several things I like; a beaded trinket box, a dustbin desk tidy, pretty photo frames, an owl money box, hand warmers and animal print beaded pens!
It can be done, but you need to go soon as you can and not on a Saturday! Go when it's quiet and take your time!

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