Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I don't know about you, but my Christmas planning has been forgotten in all the chaos of moving house! I can't find my present list- I have all the cupboards to empty and pack up yet and more presents to buy!  So, I hope you're all doing better than me! On a positive note, I have ordered a turkey!
I have just popped into a couple of charity shops on my way home and they are selling lots of tree decorations and Christmas gifts for very little - I need to go back when I've found my list!
If you're a knitter, take a look at my Free Christmas Knitting Patterns collection - I'm trying to bring together my festive favourites from all over the 'net and my aim is to get to 100 patterns before Christmas! (I'm up to 76 as of today!). 
If you have a Christmas favourite knitting pattern that I haven't featured yet, let me know in the comments box - I'd love to link to it!

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