Friday, 30 November 2012



If you receive pension credit, employment and support allowance, or incapacity benefit, you can buy up to 36 stamps – first or second class or a mix of both – at the old price of 36p (second) or 46p (first) instead of paying the new prices of 50p and 60p. 
This is a saving (if you buy the maximum of 36 stamps) of £5.04 - certainly worth having, but I can't help thinking 36 stamps at 36p is still a huge outlay for those on benefits! Remember you have to buy them all at once.
Nevertheless, a saving is a saving and 4 million people are entitled to this one- I wonder how many of them know about it though?  Apparently the Post office says in October it sent a leaflet explaining the scheme, to every household in the country - but I for one, did not receive it! 
So, if you are entitled, but missed out on the leaflet which explains how you can get this saving, you can telephone the Post Office for a form and voucher, but be quick the last date for ordering it is 18th December and the stamps must be bought by the 24th (bit late for your Christmas cards then!). You can also fill in an online form to get your voucher HERE or call into your local Age UK office to collect one.

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