Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Now's the time to get our decorations out and sort through, seeing what is too tatty to use again, what can still be used or what can be transformed into something else. But if you think you really have to have some new stuff, don't buy luxury decorations - go round the charity shops (now is the time they usually start putting decorations out), check what the supermarkets have to offer and don't forget the pound shops! Pound shops have lots of Christmas decorations and you can achieve a great Christmassy look on a few pounds. The trick is to colour co-ordinate, giving you the luxury look!
If you have the patience, there's lots of ideas in this blog for cheap or free decorations; a Christmas tree from a folded magazine, a gorgeous snowflake from printer paper, origami wrapping paper stars, junk mail stars, table decorations and more!

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