Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Make someone a gift of Tutti Frutti Fudge, Christmas Chutney, basic Fudge or Rocky Road, the recipes are all there in my Happy Frugal Christmas frugal recipes.
For chutney, re-use any small screw-top jar you have, cut a circle of fabric (doesn't have to be a Christmas print - red, green, blue or red check will be fine) secure with an elastic band and cover with your parcel ribbon and tag.
For cookie or sweetie gifts you really need the bags you can buy from cook shops, or squares of the cellophane that florists wrap flowers in - sometimes they can be persuaded to sell you a metre or two!
All these home-made foodie gifts are, of course, cheaper if you make more, because there are always ingredients and bags etc left over, so if you can, get together with a friend, put on the Christmas CDs and have a Christmassy cook-up! That way you share both the costs and the proceeds - and have some festive fun at the same time!

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