Wednesday, 19 December 2012


If things are really bad this year and you have no money, an overdraft and debts, don't stress about buying expensive Christmas presents for everyone, it's really not worth getting deeper in debt for the sake of one day and all the commercial hype that comes with it.
Instead, decide on small gifts for those who you are actually with on the day like Rocky Road or Fudge, prettily wrapped, but for those you may not see, send or give later an Official Christmas Cheque - print these off and fill them in with a gift of your time. It could be walking Aunty's dog for a month, weeding Grandad's flower bed or mowing the lawn (later on in the new year of course!), giving a non-driver a lift to a bigger out of town shopping centre or painting a room for anyone who can't manage it themselves. Put them in an envelope and trim with a bow. 
Done! A gift for (almost) nothing!

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