Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Happy New Year to everyone out there and I hope you haven't got too many post Christmas debts! 
Happy Frugal Christmas will be resting now until the onslaught of Christmas 2013, but the frugality carries on over at Happy Frugal Year, where you can follow my attempts at a YONS (Year Of Not Spending) and pick up more money saving ideas with my collection of Random Money-saving Tips, and any money-making, money-saving frugal ideas I can find throughout the year!
Meanwhile, think about how you will afford Christmas next year; check whether you have any unwanted gifts you can "regift" (write a post it note and attach it to the gift saying who gave it to you and who you plan to give it to next year!) and if you have a little spare cash, look at the sales for small gifts for next year.
Here's to the next frugal year!

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