Sunday, 20 October 2013


I'm starting my gift list now in order to help me budget - saving money takes time - unfortunate, but true and we can't buy all our Christmas gifts from one pay cheque- well, I can't anyway! 
If we leave our present buying until the last minute it will cost more - I've just found that out the hard way, as the huge Christmas tins of choccies I usually buy for nieces and nephews have already been on offer and then gone back up in price!
Anyway to get back to the list - always have a list! I am taking ideas for presents from close family - they know how much I'll spend! Then, as for other relatives, I'm keeping my list with me - and when I spot a suitable bargain I'll get it, then cross them off my list. 
For families, I'm thinking of buying a large gift bag (hope Poundland will have some) and filling it with chocolate (still got to bargain hunt that), wine (ditto), nice shortbread biscuits (hoping to make those), fudge, chutney (definitely making that), and marmalade or jam (ditto).
Happy Frugal Gift hunting!
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