Tuesday, 15 October 2013


My hunt for store cupboard ingredients for my frugal Christmas pudding is done! I am still torn between making the 2 puddings quantity in my recipe or making just the one pudding and saving some outlay on ingredients (not that I need much). Of course we could eat 2 puddings- or rather my other half and I could - but should we? No.
Inevitably, the size packets of ingredients as bought, e.g. almonds, will give me some leftovers as making one pudding will require half of them! 
What a dilemma! Trouble is, I've lost over a stone this year on the very frugal 5:2 diet (no club to join, no fees, no special foods or recipes) and I know a month of Christmas pudding eating will undo much of that loss!
Anyway, to get back to the pudding ingredients - I have found that I only need some almonds, suet, candied peel, a lemon, an orange, a few cooking apples, 225g currants and 275g raisins - not bad as that is only going to cost me around  £7 (with quite a few amounts of some things left over) and I don't believe I will get a good Christmas pudding (actually 2!) for that price. I know you can buy puddings as cheap as £1 each, and I have cooking costs to factor in, but I will know what's in mine and it will be bigger than most on the market!

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