Friday, 6 December 2013


I've been trying to get some inspiration for small gifts ahead of actually going into town tomorrow- and no I don't want to go - the crowds, the parking, the queues - and I've seen an amazing amount of Christmas food opportunities at Poundland! 
Mmm, I was a bit sceptical at first, but there are some big name brands in there and if you can brave the shops at this time of year it could be well worth it!
This is what they are advertising and all for only £1!:
Mr Kipling Mince Pies iced or plain 6 pack (but Tesco is selling them at BOGOF for £1.80 per pack - for a limited time though).
Hoppers Mince pies 9 pack (never heard of this brand, but could be worth it if you don't need many and aren't really a fan - check the ingredients list).
Huntley & Palmer Christmas Pudding 2-pack (small ones, but ideal for 2 people).
Ambrosia Custard 400g tin 2 for £1 (Tesco is selling 3 for £2 now).
Festive Fayre Christmas Pudding 350g (an own label, but may be good, check the ingredients).
Jacobs Biscuits for Cheese 250g box (£1.50 in Tesco).
Various Premium fruit & nut mixes in 150g bags.
Oxo Stock cubes, 18 and 12 pack depending on variety.
Aunt Bessies Gravy Granules 300g pack (good value as Tesco is £1 for 170g).
Fox's Brandy Snaps.
Milk Chocolate Yule Log 300g (again, check ingredients list -you may not like it).
A great assortment of chocolates; Maltesers, Thorntons, Cadburys, Guylian and personally, I would stick to brands when buying chocolate in Poundland - some unbranded chocolates can be uneatable - I know- I've been given some as presents in the past!
As always, do your research, if you can - use My Supermarket  to check prices - Poundland charges a pound and many of its items can be had for less in the regular supermarkets.
Need crafty Christmas gift inspiration? Take a look at Free Christmas knitting patterns and Free Christmas crochet patterns!

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