Wednesday, 4 December 2013


You can really make a thoughtful, frugal gift in the form of a hamper - just think outside the box! 
First get your container!
Now, when we think of "hampers" we think of those old style, rectangular wicker baskets - and they're beautiful, but very expensive, so think of something else that will be relevant to the person you are giving the gift to. For example, if you know the recipient is studying, or setting up a home office, then your gift could be a basic waste paper bin full of useful bits and pieces - students always need chocolate, A4 file pads, post-it notes, pens etc, and a home office worker may like a file box (these can be bought in really funky colours and patterns now- try to match their room colour) also full of similar useful stationery and chocolate - Poundland is wonderful for items like that.
Poundland also have hanging plant baskets for, yes, £1 and you could buy one of these for a keen gardener and fill it with seeds, gardening gloves, garden twine, small tools or pots. 
Look out for baskets or pretty boxes in charity shops now and get collecting your gifts to fill it - bear in mind it may take some time to find all the themed little gifts you will need to fill it. 
Tip: don't buy a huge container as you will struggle to fill it- better an overflowing small container than one with a few lost-looking items in the bottom.
Pad your container out with shredded paper - I plan to shred loads of that brown packing paper some companies fill their packing boxes with! If you can afford some clear florist wrap to tie round your hamper gift with a bow, then that will look fabulous. Otherwise, wrap in ordinary gift wrap or get a large gift bag from Poundland like the one here.
Final tip:Think about bogofs and other similar offers if you plan several hamper style gifts - this could save you a lot of money. 
If you can make fudge, chutney, marmalade, jam, pickled onions, shortbread biscuits or any other goodies, then a "hamper" of eatables is the ideal gift, expecially for someone who seems to have everything! 
Happy Frugal gift giving! 
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