Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I hope you all had a wonderful (if frugal) Christmas! It's nearly the New Year and as we usher in 2014, with all the grim price rises at our back, we know we still have to fight the spending and stay frugal!
It may seem like doom and gloom, but we have faced (and still will do) wage freezes, rising utility bills and soaring food bills. The only way to keep afloat is to plan, to change a lot of things - even if in a small way, and budget, budget, budget!
Look forward to the spring - think about having a go at growing your own, asking for free stuff to help you (on your local Freegle and Freecycle) and you may soon find others to fight the frugal fight with you! If you can't get an allotment, perhaps offer your help to someone who has, in exchange for some produce - or perhaps help someone who has a garden that's too big for them to manage, where you can grow veggies for you both! 
Perhaps offer your skills in something else in exchange for something you need, lawn-mowing in exchange for jam making or a haircut in exchange for window cleaning. Try to put yourself outside of the "money system" - being frugal is much more about thinking creatively than being miserly!
The Happy Frugal Christmas blog will be taking a break until Autumn 2014, but stay with us at Happy Frugal Year for year-round money-saving ideas and money-making tips, and if you need to lose some of that festive weight gain, take a look at the frugal 5:2 diet tips - no fancy foods, diet plans or books to buy and no expensive diet club subscription! 
For those of you who are already planning for Easter we have lots of  Easter Free Knitting Patterns on offer- or if you are a long-term knitter and planner start gift knitting for Christmas 2014 at Free Christmas Knitting Patterns!
Happy New Year!

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