Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Retro vintage style decorations are really popular now and what can be better than if they cost you next to nothing (or nothing!) to make and keep the children occupied for ages! 
These home-made retro paper chains in the picture are made from strips of old comics (not valuable ones of course!), but if you want your chains to look even more festive, use pages from Christmas gift magazines or pages of adverts - look for pages showing decorations, gift ideas or fashion features and get them from free supermarket mags that are available at this time of year or Sunday supplements which always show beautiful red/gold, silver/blue Christmassy colours on their pages at Christmas - these are free and readily available. Don't worry about the reverse side showing too much - it won't and certainly not once the chains are hung up, no-one will notice!
To make your chains (I do this in batches of 6 or 7 pages at a time depending on thickness of paper) mark one page with a pencil every 5cm (2 in) down one long side. Stack all your 6 pages together and cut through all pages together across your pages at the marked intervals, leaving you with your bundles of strips to start making the chains*.
Curl one strip round to to overlap by about 1cm (half inch) and glue or staple in position. Stapling is less messy and may hold better than glue (depending on the glue type) as the heat in rooms may dry glue out, but if you don't have a stapler, use glue and if they come apart during the Christmas period, it's simple to stick them back!
*at this stage you may like to add some glitter glue if you have it. Allow it to dry before joining strips.
Happy Frugal Christmas Crafting! 
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