Saturday, 13 December 2014


It's nearly Christmas and there's any amount of gifty type stuff all around us in the shops, but what's the point of it all? Most of these "ready made" gifts show how little thought the giver has put into finding something just right for the recipient! 
I heard someone say on TV this week, that this is "tit for tat" giving and when you do tit for tat giving, then you all just end up with tat! Very true - you know what I'm talking about- expensive cardboard boxes with two or three very small (and very expensive) bath "smellies" gifts or a boxed handkerchief with a pair of nail clippers or a key torch - need I say more? I think it's time to stop this type of giving, spend less and think more, so I've come up with an idea to help us all. 
We all like a little parcel to open on Christmas day, so my idea is to buy a relevant small gift (even if it's only from Poundland - in fact, preferably if it's from Poundland!) wrap it beautifully and supplement it with an amount of money roughly equal to what you would have spent on the "tat" present!
For example find out what kind of chocolate someone likes - look for it in a pound shop (Toblerones, Maltesers, Walnut Whips, etc) and wrap a fiver around it! Done! Don't just look in the "Christmas gift" sections, but check out the whole store. You can find notebooks with pretty covers, car accessories, beaded trinket boxes, bike pumps, puncture repair kits, pretty hair clips and hair brushes, or perhaps you could buy a nail varnish in a suitable colour for your recipient along with a gift of the "folding stuff" - it seems more practical and instead of packs of socks or handkerchiefs, they'll have some money to buy what they really want - even if it's just their own choice of a magazine! 
Happy frugal Christmas!